Forgotten Relics 04 Listers Jacket from “Red Dwarf”

One of my favourite pieces. I bought this fairly soon after Grant/Naylor started selling there items through the Propstore. It was kinda the one piece that I had watched the show live every week and wished I could have.

Tim Lawes helped me get it…thanks mate. Red Dwarf like Doctor Who had a limited budget so its fairly clear this was the only jacket made and dated back to the Season 3 Episode “Marooned” and is used in the infamous eating dog food scene.

It was used in 5-6 other episodes and ended up finely being worn by Chloe Annett in Season 7. By then the various patches had been moved around and the Lister tag on the front had been added. The fur collar had also been sprayed blue and silver in places and the large silver RED DWARF logo on the front was removed for later episodes.

From the episode "Marooned"


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