The Spirit: Samuel Jackson chews more scenery…..but looks so good doing it!

Sam Jackson has the last laugh

As long time readers might be aware I happened to think this movie was much better than people gave it credit for. I think that the costume design is just beautiful so here is another piece from the archive freshly laundered for you.

Green screen action with Sam Jackson

This costume piece was from the beginning of the film and used when the Octopus is first seen all the way through his fight with The Spirit. Luckily this costume is not covered in the fake mud that highlighted half of the outfits made and from all accounts ruined the fabric. Originally sold at this summers “Profiles in History” the costume comes complete from head to toe down to the underwear, socks and costume labels, which are very detailed. The reasoning behind the costumes from an interview with Mr Jackson is that he wanted to bring more of a character to the comic strip version, who was known only to be seen from his gloves. This aspect was built into the costumes as each design has the same specially made Kidd leather gloves but in different colors to match the outfit.

Original costume design

The first outfit designed was this cowboy attire. The reasoning behind it….every day The Octopus would wake up and have a new look on life and want to live it slightly differently. A cool but abstract way to approach the role. The same idea for the gloves goes thru into the fabric used. The interior of the coat is covered in octopus tentacles. This gives a linking theme, and although hard to see on screen in person is very cool.

The outfit consists of custom platform fake snakeskin boots, apair of jodhpurs, western photostyle shirt, mid belt in leather, purple scarf, longcoat/duster, gloves and hat. The costume is either marked Sam Jackson on tags or for his stunt double. Overall the outfit is in perfect condition with no signs of mud or rips and tears Its a truly beautiful piece. The interesting thing about the movie is the amount of reuse of items. Several things like the ornate metal case jewelry is tagged to be reused on different costumes and this is noted on the wardrobe label. For a 40 million dollar movie money was saved where it could be.


Profiles auction catalogue photo

Thanks for checking out this exclusive look at yet another costume from “The Spirit”. Check out the movie…you never know you might like it on the second go around….


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