Forgotten Relics…..item 01……..Mr Sin from “Doctor Who: The talons of Weng Chiang”

Forgotten relics is a page where I can pay respects to an item that was in my collection, or saw sell in an auction or I’ve seen in an others collection that in my opinion deserves a shout out because its just a fantastic piece….and may well disappear for another 10-15 years before being seen again.

Todays item is the mask from the “Doctor Who” story “The Talons of Weng Chiang”. Originally rescued from the Blackpool themed “Who” exhibition it came into the owners possession after doing touch up work on various creatures in the 1980’s. Now residing in a private collection these pictures remain of one truely iconic piece of “Who” monster memorabilia.

This picture here shows the mask in the 1970’s at the exhibition. As you can see the foam dragon was still in existance at this point and cut down to fit into the exhibition. These pictures are from Richard in Essex who I presume was lucky enough to see it first hand.

Blackpool Exhibition

There were two Masks made for the show were made of paper mache and they were both made by Jim Acheson, the costume designer on Spiderman the movie. Of interest they were made from costume design plans….instead of newspaper, a fact that was the true give away that it was an authentic prop. The wig had been woven into a huge pony tail. This version at the auction was the ventriloquist dummy….the whereabouts of the other version worn by actor Deep Roy…unknown.

Hanging in Longleat next to a VOC robot head

The picture above was how it was found…devoid of costume and laying on the floor in the back of the exhibition.

Interior of mask

As can be seen in the above pic the mask was very small. The earing was made from plastic.

Side view

The side view shows the foam head that the mask had been place on. The stick that moved the head was still partially in the foam having been broken off at some point.

The Peking Hormonculus lives!

Its good to see the little guy in action….after having been believed missing for so long.


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