An interview with Shed11 costume house….

So today we are going to be talking to the team over at Shed11 in Auckland, New Zealand about the incredible range of pieces on eBay currently available from the “Legend of the Seeker” TV show. I’ve asked them to give us an insight into some of the items for the show, and the process by which they are allowing these costumes onto the market.

How did your company first get started?

Shed 11 was formed out of a desire to preserve costumes as part of New Zealand’s costume heritage as well as to build a costuming resource for future productions. By selling costumes we can support our company as well as provide costume collectors, fans and costume appreciators the opportunity to own some great costume pieces.

Various costumes on the racks at Shed11

It looks like Jane Holland, the designer for the series has had a long history of work in New Zealand. Tell us about some of the experiences on Hercules and Xena.

Hercules and Xena provided  wonderful opportunities for the NZ  screen industry. Because pretty much everything was made from scratch it was a great way to develop costume craft and explore new ways of doing things. And the fantasy aspect kept things fresh creatively.

Prioress costume for sale on shed11's website

Of course there were similar auctions that were held by “Its a Wrap” LA in the United States in 2001 and 2002. Were there any favorite pieces that sold through these auctions?

Many favorite pieces. There were very few key costume pieces left in NZ from those shows- pretty much all of the character costumes went to It’s a Wrap. That is one of the reasons we decided to take the opportunity to archive Legend of the Seeker costumes.

What were some of your favorite costumes that were created for “Legend of the Seeker”?

The Nicci uber baddie black costume with the pewter breastplate from Ep 222.

Since the costumes are being sold off does that mean the show is more than likely not coming back for another series?

Shed 11 has not been part of any discussions about whether there or not there will be another season. While disbanding the production is not a good sign, it doesn’t mean it would be impossible to do another season. The Costume Department started Season 1 with an empty warehouse so it would be possible to do the same again!

Do you have a sizeable inventory of items left to sell? How do you feel about the fan reaction to your auctions?

Yes we still have costumes to sell. The fan reaction has been great. The best thing is finding out that people appreciate the costumes as much as we do!

Sorcerer costume available on shed11's website

Any strange questions from fans and or prop collectors about the wardrobe?

Not strange, particularly. But it amazing the extent of interest. We work very hard to put each costume together making them as complete as possible and to provide accurate, detailed information and great photos. I think people who are interested in the costumes appreciate this whether or not they are bidding or buying. The dialogue with fans and collectors is interesting and makes us realise that the costumes we sell will be appreciated and looked after which we are naturally very happy about!

Were you surprised that the costumes have sold for so much?

We had no way of knowing what the interest would be so we have been pleasantly surprised. Having said that, the costumes were tailor made from quality materials. They  have extensive hand finishing and custom made details and were very labor intensive to produce so they beautiful collector’s pieces.

Do you think that in financing a tv show, consideration should be placed on the sale of costumes and props at the end of a series to help finance the show. Is there enough variance from the price of construction to price of selling to justify this?

I think it’s unlikely you could make that kind of prediction at the beginning of a show. There is no way of knowing how successful the show will be or which characters or costumes (if any) become iconic. Successful costuming is about exploring characters and telling stories and this should remain the focus. It would be very unusual to make back a costume budget through sales

Mord Sith incredible example of the high standards of costuming

Do you have any plans to go into the costume replication  business for fans who want made to fit items?

Not at this stage. We’re interested in originals for the time being.

Are the one of a kind items in the “featured section” used in the show or just made for wearing for fun or events?

The costume pieces have been used on the show, but the costumes in the featured section have not necessarily been seen in that configuration. There was a public sale so we certainly don’t have all of the complete costumes from the show.

How much longer do you plan to sell items for, and any cool things we can look forward to over the next month?

Our resource is finite, so it will end!  But we’ll carry on as long as we have stock and as long as there is interest. Perhaps there will be the opportunity to do the same with another show in the future. Costumes to look out for:  Cara Princess costume, Richard as the Prince of Thrace and Zedd the Governess. Oh, and the black Nicci Costume from ep 222. Follow us on Twitter for updates.

I’d like to thank Shed11 for taking the time to talk to us. Your customer feedback speaks for itself as does the quality of the items you produce. Good luck with your future endeavors guys!


2 thoughts on “An interview with Shed11 costume house….

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  2. forgot to read this interview, after reading your post on MPF!!.

    i won one of khalan auctions, its really incredible put together piece, i hope to win some more, but some one has to tell the other fans to not bid so high!!!!


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