The “monster maroon”….terrible name…..amazing workmanship

unfaded.....immaculate.....beautiful....any wonder this is the ultimate "Trek" costume for most....

I’ve always hated that name. Apparently over the years “Star Trek” fans have been given to naming their ultimate costume grail to be an outfit thats “rather red” and “very hard to put together” thus earning it this sudonym.

To me it was one of those grail pieces. But only if it was the real screen used item. No use for outfits made by Ren fair enthusiasts. I think I had sought one of these out for ten years…the auction at Christies 2006 presented a few opportunities but unfortunately I squandered them, and a few times at Profiles and Sothebys before had gone over my maximum…although still cheaper than I paid for this years later.

So flash forward to the Its A Wrap sale on ebay. The article on the injustices of that two year event will have to wait for another time….everyone its seems has a story which needs to be kept for future generations to laugh over, however my first “maroon” came as item 1715, the Jeanette Goldstein science officer from “Star Trek: Generations”. A beautiful costume covered in an article in the future…but for now rather small.

Jeanette Goldstein in "Generations"

So its with much aplomb that I welcome lot 5566 to my collection…and thank the original owner, Randy Burks who purchased it during the original ebay event. There is so much rich history in these costumes. First thing I looked at were the pants…completely different in design from the set with my science officer, I can only presume since they were tailored for the actress on the seventh film. For a start the material goes up and over the waist. The grey stripes look to have been removed at some point…possibly for a different color as was show during the IAW auctions were differnt colors were offered seperate of the pants. The most telling feature though is a small coin purse/pocket sewn into the top…typically this would only be done for featured actors/actress and very rarely in my experience for an extra. Theres no way of knowing who that was…but small features like this add to the outfit, rather than subtract.

There was a costume tag for its appearance in Voyager, as worn by Karen Dandridge. She was the actress who wanders around in the back of the “Excelsior” set, and occasionally takes position at the Science station. Easy to find…since apart from Grace Le Whitney she is the only actress onboard wearing a maroon.

"Wrath of Kahn" pants

The jacket and shirt have a plethora of tags inside, some of which have faded due to cleaning. A recent hint I have been given is to run any costume tag under a UV lightsource as it will make the ink stand out better. I will have more info on these to come hopefully but in the meantime there as one piece of good news. The main tag apart from the Voyager “Dandridge” tag was clearly written Tricia O’Neil, and then scored out. There were several other names this was overwritten on but at least this was legible. After speaking to the original owner we came to the conclusion this was Captain Rachel Garrett from one of the best episodes of “The Next Generation”, the episode “Yesterdays Enterprise”.

Interior of jacket

During the episode we see a before and after scenes of the Captain and the jacket appears distressed. After screencapping the jacket is clearly marked with what I believe is fullers earth, and as such only had to be cleaned after the days filming, and the item was returned back to health. It is evident that these costumes were very expensive to produce in the first place. The original designer Robert Fletcher having been quoted as saying the jackets were $1500-2000 a piece in 1982….a fairly large sum, from the “Wrath of Kahn” movie with a fairly minimal budget in the first place.

Captain Rachel Garrett in "Yesterdays Enterprise"

Tricia O'Neil as Captain Garrett

The overstrap had an interesting feature. Again as part of this policy of reusing items over and over, the grey flash was sewn over and onto the strapping. That means the original captains all white strap is still there, and hidden underneath. Theres writing too…but not sure what it means.

Overstrap with original insignia for Commander rank...the grey detailing has been oversewn

The reuse of these items, and numbers were probably only known to the person on the production at the time. Sadly that information is now lost to history it seems in most cases.

Two costumes that are very similar...and yet when configured differently take on a whole new look

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my tour around this costume. This is the very first inaugural item listed on this site…and its a very special one. Thanks for reading and see you soon for another write up on another very special piece of wardrobe.


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