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Propdomain’s 21st auction of screenused Horror and Scifi props review

A quick roundup of some of the finishing prices with the 21st sale by David Brandons company, a self confessed one man band of purchasing and selling to the prop community.

First up the highest priced item was from Land of the Lost was the hero Sleestak costume. Sold for $4200, followed closely by the Juggernaut outfit from Xmen: The last stand for $3,000

My comment on some of this stuff would be you have to do your research. David can be wrong sometimes so doing a little bit of homeword can save you disappointment, or in most cases improve something you thought wasn’t as good. Nothing wrong with that….just be aware that usually the people selling items to him , if it is not previously marked, might not know how the item was originally used. FYI.

This riddler cane sold for a very reasonable $1600. I wouldn’t doubt seeing this in Profiles sell for $5k.

Riddler cane prop

An unused Juggernaut chest from Xmen sold for $600. That’s pretty much the most out of that you might see so impressive.

This rather cool Vanilla Sky movie facemask worn by Tom Cruise sold for $480

This pair of unused Dr Doom gloves from Fantastic Four sold for $475.00

It will be really interesting to see what one of the hero/stunt suits screenused sells for in RRauction this month!

An unused pair of Dr Doom boots sold for $360, and another pair for $288.

As usual lots of deals to be had. If you haven’t had a chance go to icollector and sign up for the next sale in a months time.

“Lost” tv show props up for auction in the RRauction.com Hollywood sale June 19-26 2014

Some quite awesome props are available from ABC’s Lost tv show this month and here is a quick look at them.

First up is one of the original Faraday journals used on the show


Here is an example being used in the show


The one that sold in the Profiles Lost auction sold for thousands of dollars so here is your opportunity to bid starting at $200!

The next item is a lot of items including a broken plaster Virgin Mary from season 1 and 2, golf balls and tees and drug bags used by several characters


The Virgin Mary’s alone sold for $2000-3000 at various events so here is your chance to get a really nice one with plenty of provenance and accompanying screen used items.

Don’t forget more items from the show will be available in September at Blacksparrows Lost sale as well!

“The Walking Dead” auction of props and wardrobe slated for Saturday August 23rd 2014

This of course….was an April fool.


Sources today confirmed that a brand new auction company headed by Chris Hardwick, he of Nerdist.com fame
and scheduled for their first major event with a sale of items from the set of “The Walking Dead” that on Sunday reached an astonishing 15 million people on Sunday.

“I’ve decided that being a famous talkshow, internet celebrity, tv and movie star and general nice guy isn’t enough” Chris said to us yesterday. “I’ve thought that after seeing Hershel’s head on our table on the “Talking dead” a few episodes ago that we need to give something back for the fans PLUS make some money back for the show so we can fire a few more bullets each episode. Further to that I have been asking the onset crew to keep all the pieces of make-up that were to be thrown away, bullet casings, overly bloodied wardrobe and basically anything that we could save from the production to offer up on the internet live on I.collector.com”

Hundreds of body bags will be available at the auction with prices starting at $50 each!!!!! What a steal.

Hundreds of body bags will be available at the auction with prices starting at $50 each!!!!! What a steal.

“So far some of the best things we have are actual bullets that came out of Rick’s gun that were going to be swept up and thrown away. I bet we can get major bucks for these!”.

Other items include pieces of zombie flesh (in reality rubber strips doused in red food coloring) each with their own COA saying exactly which zombie and episode these items were used in. On set makeup artist Todd G. was asked to keep meticulous records and even though working 14 hour days managed a sterling effort.

Bones and bodies....direct from the set

Bones and bodies….direct from the set

“Greg Nicotero actually kept coming back to our storage tent saying we couldn’t have these heads as they needed them for the next episode but I had him over-ruled by the armorer” Todd proudly stated. “We need those bullets firing each episode more than these burnt zombie heads.”

What else can we expect? The prison has been taken down from Season 3 and all the barbed wire kept. Was it rubber to protect the actors I asked? Speaking to John Sanders the property master he confirmed that it was but they couldn’t afford it so they used metal mostly. “It was sharp. We kept losing Zombie extras as they would poke their eyes out and nick themselves. The blood would ruin the zombie appliances so we had to make sure that they stopped walking into it with their contact lenses on by poking them with sticks out of camera.” How much would a roll of barbed wire start at? “I reckon people will buy it and paste it onto collector cards. After seeing some of those swatches of real live costumes on ebay going for hundreds I expect we will see those selling for lots!”

Real prison barb wire! Available at the auction!

Real prison barb wire! Available at the auction!

When asked why wouldn’t any major actor costumes or props like the crossbow used by Daryl be featured in the sale and costume designer Eulyn Womble had this to say. “Oh no…we need that for the next 10 seasons of the show. Our actors like to wear the same clothes week after week so we only have one of each costume. The smell really helps them keep in character.”

Well sounds to me like this is going to be an amazing sale. I for one will definitely be watching with interest!

"Shhh....don't tell anyone but I think this story is a load of bunk" says Merle

“Shhh….don’t tell anyone but I think this story is a load of bunk” says Merle

Theme Park connection starts to clean up its Hunger Games auctions

Well Im very pleased to announce that due to the volume of emails and phone calls Theme Park Connection has had
it looks like they have started pulling items and relisting them.

Paul Wintner, a trust member of the prop community relayed to me he had been in contact with Brian and that things had started to be
altered from there end as of today. Looking at the auctions and my own personal records it seems the Katniss reaping costume has been
ended early

I also wrote up a piece for the movie prop forum about this piece. Here is a copy of that information.

reaping costume

Firstly it looks like the reaping dress was pulled and retitled

1: first listed as

HUNGER GAMES Jennifer Lawrence Worn KATNISS Reaping Dress Original Movie Costume

I’ve highlighted worn as that has been removed

2: Second listed as

HUNGER GAMES Jennifer Lawrence KATNISS Reaping Dress Original Movie Costume

Both titles used a different subheading



The main body of the text still says in the listing

1:This costume was worn by actor Jennifer Lawrence in her role as heroic District 12 Tribute in the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen!◾This blue reaping dress was worn during the iconic scene where Katniss volunteered as tribute to take her sister’s place in The Hunger Games

2: This costume was worn by actor Jennifer Lawrence in her role as heroic District 12 Tribute in the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen!◾Katniss wore her blue reaping dress during the iconic scene where she volunteered as tribute to take her sister’s place in The Hunger Games

◾So fine…I see some changes made buts its still confusing and misleading. In other words its a get out of jail clause.

Sill says this further down:

One of the key characters in The Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen is the District 12 female Tribute in the 74th Hunger Games◾As played in the film by Jennifer Lawrence, the story centers around Katniss as she takes her sister’s place in the annual Hunger Games competition

◾This costume is featured prominently in the film in key scenes including Katniss volunteering as tribute

I highlighted this again to show that the wording is just atrocious. So we have basically gone from a hero piece to a production used piece…..to a “prominently used piece”……

So yes changes have been made but I think its only gone to muddle the original intent and now the listing really makes no sense.

Now this Arena shirt was listed yesterday and they did a great job.

katniss shirt

Correct heading, stunt shirt, everything. Perfect.

The same goes with a lot of items going up including production made but unused examples of various costumes. This is how to present the stuff. Much better.

We will keep you updated including prices as the items finish this week. Just remember if you are bidding on this auction they have over 1000 pieces so there are many multiples, check the listings carefully and if in doubt ask. There is NOTHING ever wrong with wanting to know what your spending your hard earned money on.

Theme Park connection eBay “Hunger games” auction raises a number of issues

“Id like our company to stand for honesty and excellence”.

Fong Sam, Blacksparrow auctions video

I first made contact with Fong at Profiles back in the day when he still worked there. His face and voice more than any other were the voice of reason at that company. When things went off course his quick responses, friendly attitude and as direct as possible answers were refreshing to me. That’s why I always went back to him.

I’m not the only one of course. Fong built a reputation there that when he opened up Blacksparrow auctions in 2012 it was a big surprise to all of us at first, but quickly has gained traction ending with one of the best auctions of 2013, “The Hunger Games” sale in November. It was run incredibly smoothly, made a load of money and more importantly brought alot of new collectors and respect to the hobby. When I did a brief interview at C2E2 with him it was made very clear that all the costumes would come with full wardrobe tags, with pictures of the actor, thoroughly inventoried and with a COA. This is how the items had been shipped to him from the production company and I have spoken to a number of collectors that have confirmed that all the lots arrived quickly, impeccably packed and with all the supporting documentation.

So bringing that focus on the quote from Fong Sam on Saturday on the Propstop’s Facebook page it really does throw a light onto some serious issues that may have crept up with a new player on the movie prop circuit “Theme Park Connection” in Florida. Whilst I haven’t done any business with them as of yet certainly many of you reading this will have seen their recent auction of a “Jurassic Park” raptor cage that went viral all over the internet back in late January this year. That story can be seen here.

A number of weeks ago word spread that a large number of “Hunger Games” pieces were about to hit eBay and with a little digging around of course it was discovered that “Theme Park Connection” had purchased the remaining inventory from Fong. In his words “I just didn’t want to spend the next year selling stunts and doubles of costumes, that we had already spent a year selling.”

When the first few days of lots hit a majority of it was background character wardrobe from the Capitol and then I saw the first lot of “Hero” costumes hit the middle of last week. Fong’s enthusiasm and the fact the items may go a little cheaper this time around was a big part of my decision to bid this time around but being a creature of habit I spent a lot of time into the wee small hours of the night looking at all the costume pieces over this weekend and discovered that many of them didn’t seem to have wardrobe tags, and remembering what Fong said to me all those months ago I decided to ask him. The response was :

“After selling all the hero and main costumes in the November auction, I sold all the backups, backgrounds and extras to Theme Park Connection. This is what you are seeing now on eBay. I have nothing left over from the Hunger Games auction.”
and after a further follow up asking about 95% of the tags being missing from the eBay auctions:
“I took a quick look through the descriptions they are putting up and see that they are saying these costumes were worn by the main actors. That is not correct at all.”
“All the costumes that I sold in November had tags and corresponding continuity photos. You can check with anyone who bought in that sale and they will tell you that tags and photos were sent to them along with their costumes.”

“All the costumes that TPC has now have tags that say stunt, double, or not used.  I sold this collection to TPC with clear indication of what these costumes are.”
At this point I think it fair that I want to present the information here as was presented to me by both parties as fairly as possible. So rather than get all mad, because lets face it the reason for my initial phone call was to buy some of these items, and had in fact already bid on some of them, I decided to call “Theme Park Connection” and get their side of the story.
I spoke to a very nice gentleman called Brian who was in charge of the sale and he told me that Lions Gate actually had representatives in the building that day to go through the items that hadn’t already been listed and make sure they were as being presented on eBay. He even offered to get them to talk to me which I thought was very nice and when I asked about the tags he said that indeed some of the items had them, but that the pictures of the actors would have to be removed because of contractual reasons. He did say that the original tags would go with the items.
Now at this point some questions have to be asked.
If the items on eBay, for instance this reaping costume worn by Katniss, are not the Hero costume which of course was sold at the November sale for $29,000 here, 
then what is this piece? Is it a stunt, a double or an extra used or unused piece. The information on the auction states:

Reaping dress on ebay as of today at $1800

  • This blue reaping dress was worn during the iconic scene where Katniss volunteered as tribute to take her sister’s place in The Hunger Games
  • Theme Park Connection is providing a Certificate of Authorization stating the costume item is from the production of The Hunger Games, signed by a representative of Lions Gate Entertainment
  • Inventory Number: HG-1059
Further down it also states that Jennifer Lawrence wore it in both the title of the auction and also in the body of the auction.
When I asked Fong what this could be he said:
“The Reaping dress does not screen match, most likely a prototype or early version that they eventually decided not to use”
When I asked about the leather jacket below he said:
“The leather jacket is oversize, too big for Jenny Lawrence”.
I personally think this can be seen in the pictures below. Certainly the waist seems to have been cinched in the one in the first auction.

                               Hunger Games Blacksparrow Hero jacket

                                           Theme Park connection Katniss jacket

When I mentioned this other signature piece, the jacket with pin:
“The arena costume was most likely used in stunt sequences. If it’s labeled “harness,” then it was used in the tree sequence. That is probably the most significant piece that TPC has.”
It should be noted that the tag does not specifically name the actress, only the character. Typically in film production this can denote that the piece was used by a stunt or double actor.

                                        Ebay Katniss jacket with pin

Now I do understand that Theme Park Connection may not understand that collectors value the difference in stunt and hero pieces but it cannot be mislabeled in an auction. Over the past 20 years of collecting it has become very apparent that even though two pieces might look the same the value of the two can be separated by anywhere between 20 and 80% of the hero piece. If Fong has confirmed that every piece was sold with relevant tag information that should be with those costumes. There is no need for them to be re-certified by anyone else. History does not need to be rewritten….
With this information I hope the odds are very much more “In your favor”.