For Sale

Prices are negotiable and are meant as a guide. Payment plans up to $2,000 is 3 months with 20% down. Payment plans over $2,000 are 6 months with 20% down. All items come with original COA or Propstop coa. Shipping not included.

John  Carter

complete skirt for guard

Needed to complete costume recently sold on Propstore for $1500 or so

john carter belt




Lockes Black wheelchair

$1,000 plus shipping.

Messenger Cylinder





Exo suit worn by Sharlto Copley as Kruger. Includes the full costume below for different display.

Pic of exosuit parts, headset etc to come

photo 3photo 4


photo 2

photo 1

All pieces are original screenused apart from chestplate made from digital scan of the original to complete the costume.


Drake’s grenade


Armadyne metal badge


Crowe elbow protector


Sandro costume and wrist extenders for pistols (no guns)

Pic of rails to come




Launcher and crate


Man of Steel

Antique globe from Clark’s classroom


The Dark Knight

Money from burning scene with the joker

Pic of money to come



Guardians of the galaxy

Pieces of groot from the end scene

photo 2

Pic to come



Colin Devis jumpsuit and jacket



Waterpipe from various scenes with MRC certificate from VIP


Terra Nova

Infra red scanner headset


Cat in the hat

Instant havoc pills


The Hunger games

Peacekeeper complete with taser




Rue costume trousers and top with coa

Pic to follow


The Postman

Kevin Costner puppet


Three Musketeers

Complete guard costume


Planchett costume cloak


Underworld Rise of the Lycans

Viktor hero costume with coa SOLD

viktor costume



CGI Whip handle and leather whip holder


Picture to follow


photo 1

Dwayne Johnson leather hero boots and shorts with Coa and tags

photo 3


Picture to follow

photo 2


Whip it

Hero helmet worn by bliss (Ellen Page)


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